Hi, I’m Samuel Sharpe. I’ve been involved in photography and video work professionally since 2010. I have always had my hands on cameras though. When I started doing work professionally, most of my experience was working with live performances and events. While attending Baylor University, I knew I wanted to find a career in either videography or photography. Shortly after beginning Baylor, I found myself working in the marketing department creating promotional videos for the university. During that time, I also worked with the photography department by regularly photographing sporting events. After I stopped working for the university, I continued to work on my own. I have completed my certification with the FAA to do commercial work with drones, which I have found to bring in a unique aspect to videos and photos, and besides it is just plain fun! I still photograph sporting events as much as I can, but now I devote more time working with local businesses, shooting weddings, and taking portraits. Currently I am based out of Austin, Texas, but I also travel to Dallas, San Antonio, Waco and my home in Fredericksburg, as well. Feel free to contact me through my contact page for more information or if you are interested in hiring me for a project.
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